Sunday, May 3, 2009


One of the common feelings among the average sports fan about the NBA is how they dislike it comparative to college basketball or other major sports. The reasoning: because NBA players are lazy and dont try as hard. I bought this argument pretty much from the days after Michael Jordan up until the last couple years. My reason for the switch: I actually started watching it.

These guys really do give a ton of effort night in and night out for their teams. You dont put up the numbers of a Lebron James or a Kobe Bryant unless you do bust your ass all of the time. Now I know I singled out the two best guys post-Jordan, but even the "scrubs" give it everything they've got. They HAVE to. They are playing for their future, and have worked too hard to get where they are to just give it up.

The turnaround in the league for players is almost as much as the carousel of the coaches. What other league only has *two* draft rounds? More often than not only about 15 of these guys really pan out, so youve got 15-20 guys in the entire world who make an NBA squad every year. This is not the same for the other major sports out there that sport 25 or 60 team rosters.

Lets face it. They are the best athletes on the planet. 82 games of pure, all-out sprinting and hustle, jumping through the roof and pinpoint accuracy from 25 feet away. To be seven feet tall and to be able to lumber up and down the court night in and night out is astounding.

If anything, it's we, the fans, who make the game seem less exciting than college basketball. Now I guess much of the reasoning for this is because each game in college is more important due to a shorter schedule, and rivalries tend to run deeper in college sports. That has alot to do with the stagnant fans you often see at NBA games. Theres always another night to bounce back when you have 80 games to work with.

Image is an important thing to consider too. I was hugely turned off from the NBA due to the "thuggish ruggish" antics of most players in this league. But you actually have to hand it to Commissioner David Stern. He has done a remarkable job of pointing them in the right direction.

To be continued.....but watch the playoffs. Youll be pleasantly suprised. Its Amazing (ouch)

Friday, May 1, 2009

Milwaukee Brewers- Playoffs or not?

So I am as diehard of a Milwaukee Brewers fan as you can possibly find. I have a 9 pack of tickets, with plans to attend probably twenty or so games this year. I buy Brewers apparel at a lightning pace. I was one of probably fifty people who attended the first playoff game in Philadelphia last year, which is as memorable of an experience as Ive ever had. My friend Vinny Rottino has had stints on and off with the Brewers. A good fraction of the team orders food from my restaurants (Toppers Pizza). Alert: Corey Hart just made a webgem. Moral of the story, I know our team and what I think they are capable of.

For all of you optimists, I hate to break it to you, but we aren't going anywhere unless we trade for some pitching. Theres no doubt that we have some bright spots already this season, the biggest possibly being the development of Ricky Weeks. He is hitting a robust .270, but it feels like .340 the way he is scorching the ball all over the place. Yovani Gallardo is living up to the hype as well, and the other big sticks in the lineup are starting to come around too. But we all know it comes down to pitching, barring some sort of miracle.

Its not completely hopeless for us. If we make a good run like we did last year, who's to say Attanasio doesnt go out and pickup an expensive arm like he did last year (I would personally sleep with him if he went out and got the likes of Peavy or Halladay, probably not a good incentive for him or myself but im sticking to it)There is also the possibility that we *could* swing our way into the playoffs, similar to the '82 days of Harveys Wallbangers. Its just not really probably however.

Cutting to the chase: I believe the Brewers will hover above the .500 range most of the season, and will fall short to the (choke) Cubs and Cardinals. Look for another exciting, interesting season that may go down to the wire, but we just dont have it in us this year. I hope I'm wrong.

Check out these sites for better, more up to date Brewers analysis....these guys know their shit.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine flu in milwaukee

Yes!!! swine flu has hit my hometown of Milwaukee. I can't tell you how pumped I am! You see im in the pizza delivery business, and there is a good chance my sales could go through the roof because of this thing. The panic this little virus has caused could very well drive people to not leave their homes, making them need to order in. I suppose there is a flipside to this if they think one of my workers would have swine flu, but I am hear to tell you we are all mega healthy. So call your local Topper Pizza, and get some breadsticks already!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What does the swine flu and the stock market have in common? Heck of a question.... Lets find out here.

Swine Flu - Should I really be worried?

The hot topic of the last 10 days or so has been the doom of the human race due the outbreak of the swine flu virus. "They" say the outbreak started in Mexico and has spread to the other parts of the world, including our beloved U.S., threatining to become a pandemic. My question is: should we really be THIS worried about this illness?

In my unexpert opinion, I have to say no. You have to look at it on the grand scale that is the entire world, and the amount of reported cases of swine flu is a tiny, tiny fraction of the global population. Also take into account the mortality rate of this thing. There have been minimum deaths in regards to this virus outside of Mexico (0?), where the virus was first discovered. Precautionary steps have also been taken by governments worldwide, which is part of the reason everyone is freaking out in the first place.

One of the main reasons this has become such an issue is due to the world we live in now. We have never had so much information readily available at our fingertips. The 24/7 news cycle we experience can "fuel the flame" in many aspects of our life, and this is one of those times.

However, aside from the panic, this is one of those situations where endless information is beneficial. We know how to take steps to reduce exposure to catching this thing, and I have also learned that production on a vaccine to the virus is being worked on. There are medications for swine flu you can take once you catch the virus that have proven effective too.

Moral of the story, I think we are overreacting a bit. We have things in place to counter it, and are doing so. I think its time we moved on with our lives. Oink oink. I mean, have a nice day.

Should I be in the stock market?

One of the most talked about issues in our current economic environment is the utter collapse of the stock market, taking along with it the retirement funds of millions of Americans. Being a 27 year old, a relatively new player to the market, I have to ask the question: Should I be putting my money into the stock market still? Im going with a resounding HELL YES.

Unfortunately I have to start off with a history lesson. There have been multiple times in US history where we have had recessions, and consequently the stock market has taken a dump. One thing holds constant however: the market ALWAYS recovers. It has to, otherwise we have bigger problems to worry about than money. You might be saying, well this time could be different. That is what people say EVERY TIME there is a recession. Granted this one is proving to be more than your garden variety recession, but its still nowhere near great depression level, and guess what: the market recovered then too!

This is the best time (i will reiterate best time) to get into the market, while you can buy everything at a discount. The market tanked so far and so fast because everyone panicked the market is way undervalued. Its the opposite effect of how we drove the prices way up to begin with. We just need to find the middle ground somewhere and build from there. You can already see signs that people are beginning to feel the same way, due to the surge of financial stocks in March. People realized these stocks were worth well more than what they were listed at, and that caused a surge in their prices. I got in right before the surge, and have done relatively well for the small amounts ive been able to get in.

You have to look at it from a common sense standpoint. How are all of these stocks, in every different area, down well over half of their highest values? Did we just not make any money as a country over the last 25 years? I say this because current market levels are telling us that we have lost generations worth of investment gains. That makes zero sense. The world is bigger and better than it was back then.

It all comes back to fear. We are taught in finance class (which I attended every once in awhile in college) not to freak out and sell everything when there is a downturn in the market. It is a common occurance in the business cycle. Its turning out that that is just what many uninformed Americans have done, causing prices in the market to plummet. Its going to be those few "brave" (I put brave in quotes because those brave people are just using common sense) investors who end up being the winners in the market when it does turn around. Is it going to be you?

Maybe the swine flu will get you and you wont have to worry about it!